Learn to sell with Purpose.

The Perfect Plan for Sales™ teaches sales professionals the importance emotion plays in communicating.

A Wall Street-funded, doctoral study sought to discover if there was a common thread (a secret sauce) that existed among the world’s top business, sales, and marketing professionals. After a 10 year study and a global initiative to discover the truth, Don Barden unlocked the key for greatness and how to increase your impact by 95%.

Discover the secret formula behind what the world’s top performers do different.

Why The Perfect Plan?
Our training is not your average sales training. 3Ci’s The Perfect Plan training unlocks the key to
communicating like the most impactful 1%.
• Increase revenue by following the formula of the world’s top performers
• Create emotional connection
• Create memorable presentations
• Simple and scalable
• Make a positive impact on your top line and culture simultaneously
• Utilize toolkit built on The Perfect Plan’s principles

What We Provide
3Ci provides customized training solutions for your team including:
• Live Engaging Training
• Mindset and Cultural Mapping
• Full Toolkit & Materials
• One-on-one Leadership Consulting
• Reinforced Video Content
• Debrief and Evaluation
• Off-site Training Facility