Team Building

Learn to work with Respect.

What if you knew how you and your team were innately wired?

The Perfect Plan for Team Building™ helps leaders and their teams understand and effectively leverage all of the strengths of their team.

People perform their best when they’re free to trust their instincts. Whether you are hiring a new employee, merging departments, or simply trying to manage your team more effectively, The Perfect Plan and Kolbe System show you how to leverage the power of human instinct to accomplish organizational goals.

Why Team Building?
Learn our proven approach that combines instinct, culture and understanding to create an environment
that embraces everyone’s uniqueness.
• Increase trust and productivity
• Create understanding of team members’ natural instincts
• Build understanding of how teams process information and make decisions
• Cultural scorecarding allowing managers to understand current state and alignment within

What We Provide
3Ci provides multiple different modules customized for your team including:
• Live, Engaging Training
• Kolbe Training
• One-on-one Leadership Consulting
• Reinforced Video Content
• Debrief and Evaluation
• Cultural Scorecard and Mapping
• Off-site Training Facility