Leadership Training

Founded upon the principles of Servant Leadership as taught in Don Barden’s internationally best-selling book The Perfect Plan, 3Ci offers a unique training experience to Technology Leaders around the world.

As “agents of change”, technology executives are used to the fast pace and high speed delivery the market demands, but how are you at communicating it to others who are not IT oriented? What about your staff and the community?

At 3Ci, we have developed a customized program to help you and your team communicate at the same level as the world’s elite leaders and servants. In a series of training events, we can reset your mindset, reestablish your teams purpose and ultimately reveal your teams interworking’s to maximize efficiency and delivery. We create a change so impactful in your organization, that people are changed both personally and professionally for the better.

In addition to The Perfect Plan training, 3Ci specializes in Team Dynamics and Development utilizing 3Ci’s Kolbe Certified™ Specialists who are experts in the Kolbe Methodology and Interpretations.

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