For close to 40 years, 3Ci has been a leader in IT Staffing and Technology Consulting, and it did not happen overnight.

To be the best, you have to believe in what you do. You have to have impeccable ethics and integrity. Most of all, you have to work hard every day to earn and retain the trust, respect and loyalty of the most important people you serve — your staff, your clients, your consultants and your community. Since our humble beginnings in 1978, this philosophy has driven everything we do at 3Ci, and it continues to be the secret to our success.

Putting people first

Since day one, 3Ci has believed in placing the value of people and relationships above all else. The dedication to building the business one relationship at a time and putting people first, has sustained the test of time and propelled 3Ci’s growth throughout even the most challenging economic times.

3Ci has served and employed over 5,000 people in its 40-year history and shows no sign of slowing down. With a passion for giving forward to a community that helped them so much, 3Ci has built over 15 Habitat for Humanity homes, served countless hours at the Atlanta Union Mission and the Atlanta Furniture Bank. They also sponsor and provide assistance to a variety of local cultural organizations by opening their doors to the use of 3Ci’s state of the art facilities and film studios.

In 2016, 3Ci began a special program and awarded over 30 scholarships to children of service men and women who are part of the US Army 1st Ranger Battalion stationed at Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah Georgia. With help from the Sua Sponte Foundation as custodians and administrators of the gift, Ranger families have been able to send their children to the schools of their choice.

3Ci continues to be a leader in the technical talent space, as well as within thought leadership. Maybe you’ve seen us! Our president, Rob MacLane, appears every Sunday on Atlanta Tech Edge’s Deal Flow Wrap Up, as well as Biz 1190’s The Dana Barrett Show. Don Barden, our CEO, also appears on Biz 1190’s The Dana Barrett Show in addition to speaking at numerous conferences nationwide and in Oxford.

“For close to 40 years, 3Ci has believed that serving others is our purpose and our calling. I promise you, the next 40 years will be no different. I am excited to see what the future holds for us, and the new opportunities we discover to impact the lives of others.”  Don Barden