Talent Seekers

For close to 40 years, 3Ci has provided business and technology solutions and talent for clients like you while focusing on honesty, integrity and delivery.

Our dedicated approach to servant leadership and proven processes provides our clients with the perfect fit. In Atlanta’s competitive market, we emphasize quality and speed to ensure our clients get the greatest results possible. We aren’t just any consulting services company, we are your business partners. Your success is our success.

3Ci’s talent base covers over 230,000 of the brightest business and technology minds in the world, with more added every single day, and we are eager to serve YOU.

Job Seekers

Before we go on and tell you that we are the top IT staffing company in the South, let me tell you what makes 3Ci DIFFERENT. Why work with us over the hundreds of other Atlanta tech staffing companies? We offer you the same benefits our internal employees have, we work and communicate directly with our clients, and we accurately represent our talent. We will fight for YOU.

Also, we have a fully equipped, in-house professional studio and provide video interviews for all of our potential talent. This gives you a chance to promote your skills and personality beyond a resume. Talk about setting yourself apart from a stack of papers!

To join our team and take an exciting leap into a better future, Connect with one of our awesome recruiters.



At 3Ci, we have a long-standing reputation of providing top-tier talent to our clients. In early 2016, our CEO, Don Barden, decided tech staffing was not enough. We wanted to make a lasting impact on our people, both our consultants and our clients. We wanted to shift cultures, increase production, and change lives for the better. As author of “The Perfect Plan,” Don knew that this would be the perfect fit.

3Ci now offers training in conjunction with technology staffing. “The Perfect Plan” is a Wall Street-funded, doctoral study proving the processes used by the most impactful business, sales and marketing professionals to get to the top. We apply the principles of The Perfect Plan to training geared toward sales, team building and communication effectiveness.

We now not only provide the talent, but we also help develop your talent and leaders and help you find your WHY.

Technical Curriculum Design & Delivery

We know that bringing in new talent means training. A lot of training. In order to ease the transitional process of training, 3Ci provides project-based consulting teams for technology software curricula design, writing, and training. We create and design a proven process and curricula to articulate, educate, and replicate your systems and software. This makes plugging in new contractors and employees seamless, meaning they will get better results faster.